Thanks, coach, for everything

That was the sentiment at Canada Olympic House this week as Petro-Canada hosted an evening dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the pivotal role coaches play in transforming athletes into champions.

“Coaches don’t just make a difference, they are the difference,” said Canadian Olympic Committee president Marcel Aubut.

As guests mingled over cocktails and live music, Suncor Energy announced plans to extend their support of Canadian coaches to 2016 through their Petro-Canada Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence Fund which provides $400,000 annually to 50 athlete and coach pairings.

Suncor Energy president and CEO, Steve Williams, addressed the coaches of the Canadian Olympic Team:

“I would like to say a sincere thank you for all that you’ve done,” he said. ‘Here in London, you’ve shown that Canadians can not only successfully compete against the best in the world but you’ve shown the world that when it comes to competing with integrity and respect, we are second to none.”

Almost entirely behind the scenes, Canadian Olympic Team coaches are proud and make up a tireless support network for success, said CEO and National Coach for Swimming Canada, Pierre Lafontaine.

“Coaches are creators of smiles. We live and bleed for our athletes so thank you for your support. If coaches are believed in, then anything is possible.”

– By Krisina Velan