Check out how an Olympian trains with #FitFridays

Since fall has arrived it’s time to start thinking about getting ripped! Or…at least doing a little exercise.

Olympic training body weight exercises – #FitFridays 4

Olympic training body weight exercises – #FitFridays 3

Olympic training body weight exercises – #FitFridays 2

Olympic training body weight exercises – #FitFridays 1

About #FitFridays

Here at we see many Olympic athletes. It’s easy to be inspired by their training. We also feel a little guilty about not exercising as much as we should. No, actually, we feel really lazy sitting inside and writing all day.

The good thing is we have plenty of Olympians who are willing to help us.

2012 Olympic Beach Volleyball player turned elite trainer Martin Reader came by to show us a thing or two about working out.

Let’s just say this dude is in good shape.


Callum Ng and Asif Hossain decided to ask Martin to help them get fit and share some tips with fans.

Martin is confident in his plan, “You can take eight minutes out of your day, execute this and really have benefits of what would have been 45 to 50 minutes of stationary activity.”

We also learned the meaning of “BOSS IT!” (Check out this video to find out).

Despite being somewhat active guys, Callum and Asif were a little unsure about working out one-on-one with a 6’7” super fit world-class athlete.

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