#TeamOakley Contest Winners

Congratulations to our #TeamOakley contest winners! The #TeamOakley contest ran from December 4th-9th on www.olympic.ca and via @CDNOlympicTeam on Twitter. Participants were required to follow @CDNOlympicTeam and retweet one of the following tweets for a chance to win:

Over 2,300 people entered the contest, but in the end there could only be 12 #TeamOakley winners. Congratulations to the following winners:

Ryan @el_capeetanoh

Lisa @neutkidz

Myles @toopstur

Alex @A_M_H_94

Brandon @brandonratz

Nancy @VerreaultN

Robert @Rombied

Kaila @KailaHoltz

Jen @jenburt7

Lisa @lisaweberobrien

Eric @Eric_Mori_7

Ashley @AEzart

We hope you all enjoy your brand new Oakley 2014 Canadian Olympic Collection sunglasses and wear them in good health.  And for those who weren’t lucky enough to win, you can get your own Canadian Olympic Oakley eyewear here: http://ca.oakley.com/store/collections/canadian-olympic-collection.

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