Kaya Turski and Roz Groenewoud make Top 50 female athletes in action sports

This week as part of their Women of Action series, XGames.com released their list of 50 women tearing it up in action sports.

Two Canadian Olympians made the list, Kaya Turski at no. 5 and Roz Groenewoud at no. 40. The admittedly sweet collection of photos shows women from all around the world making the unimaginable come to life.


OLY test freestyle Sochi 20130213

Roz responded with excitement after being named to the list:

Although she didn’t have a stellar Olympic Winter Games, her collection of seven X Games medals, including two gold, is impressive. Knee surgery so close to Sochi might have slowed her up. The 2011 halfpipe ski World Champion is always exploring new tricks and pushing the boundaries of her sport.


Sochi Olympics Freestyle Skiing

Kaya Turski’s name is synonymous with ski slopestyle. Recently, she won X Games Aspen 2014, which is amazing considering she underwent serious knee surgery at the end of last summer. It was her fifth X Games title. Like Roz, her Games weren’t spectacular, but she is a gracious soul and could be a threat for 2018. Of course, she is the first female skier to land a switch 1080 in competition, (2011). Here’s a nice polished one from 2012.

Kaya Turski and Strombo

Canada has a serious haul of freestyle skiing talent, including ski slopestyle Olympic gold medallist Dara Howell, bronze medallist Kim Lamarre and of course, Justine, Chloé and Maxime Dufour-Lapointe.

Sochi Olympics Freestyle Skiing