Canadian Olympians showing their love for the Montreal Canadiens

While you might have been doubting after the Boston Bruins won two straight to push the Montreal Canadiens to the brink, there is still room on the bandwagon for Canada’s only team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

After a resilient 4-0 win assisted by a really loud Bell Centre, one of the best second round series is going to game 7. And everyone loves a game 7.

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Brian Gionta,

Many Canadian Olympians are sharing their love for the Habs, and who can blame them. The Dufour-Lapointe sisters make a cameo in the most recent unofficial team song from Montreal rapper Annakin Slayd. (Who has a history of supporting Canadian teams). They are joined in ‘Rock the Sweater’ by actor Jay Baruchel, and Aragorn, errr Viggo Mortensen.

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