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Travis Gerrits: post-Olympic adventures

Life after the Olympic Winter Games has been interesting! Funny enough, I have continued to travel the world. Hilton HHonors took care of me down in Barbados where I stayed at the Hilton Barbados Resort, when I needed time to unwind.

Travis Gerrits - Hilton blog

Then they sent my brother Tyler and me to Mexico for an extended weekend getaway at the Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort. Check out a short video we made:

After enjoying the sunny south, I jetted off to Saskatchewan with the Red Bull crew  to help raise awareness and money for spinal cord research through an international run. Although I am the farthest thing from a runner, I did manage to push my limits and make it to 15 kilometers! With a four AM start and little sleep, I was quite proud of what I had accomplished and the money that we raised for such an under researched injury.

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Saskatchewan-Toronto-Tokyo-Hanoi. (thank goodness for airline points!) I touched down in northern Vietnam, accompanied by my girlfriend Catherine. We were to spend a total of three weeks in Vietnam with nothing but our backpacks with the only destination being south. We had a phenomenal trip and it was such a good way to disconnect from ‘the real world’ before getting back into serious training for another four years.

Travis Gerrits - Hilton blog

The trip wasn’t without it’s stories and mishaps though! I ended up in a Vietnamese hospital to ‘repair’ my hand. I was cutting sugar cane and ended up with a few stitches in my finger and hand. The hospital I visited was a little different than our Canadian hospitals and no freezing was used to sew everything back together. I can deal with a few stiches though no problem, but what was really unfortunate was reinjuring my meniscus a bit, in my right knee. Apparently I can jump 60 feet in the air, but I can’t tie my own shoes. Someone ended up bumping into me while I was crouched down on the busy sidewalk of Ho Chi Minh City and I felt it tear. Personally, I still prefer the story of fighting off a tiger…

Here’s to a great summer of training!

Travis Gerrits - Hilton blog