Venue Guide: Markham Pan Am Centre

Venue Guide is a series looking at the competition grounds for the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.

The Markham Pan Am Centre will host water polo in the pool, plus badminton and table tennis on the gymnasium side.

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On the day we went to check it out, there was actually a table tennis tournament going on:

The building is 147,000 sq. feet which basically means it has room for one Olympic-length 10-lane swimming pool and a triple gymnasium.

It’s a fairly simple design, pool on one side, with the gyms on the other. Once inside, hang a right if you want to go swimming, take a left for the gyms. The main floor is for access to changing facilities, while going up the stairs leads you to the spectating level. In both cases there is a shared hallway dividing the pool-side from the gym-side with easy access between them.

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The Markham Pan Am Centre pool

VIDEO: Check out this high-speed tour


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