Through the lens: 50 best TO2015 images chosen by photographers

Feature photo: Fireworks on the CN Tower at TO2015 Closing Ceremony (Jason Ransom/COC)

With 364 medal events taking place over hundreds of kilometres of the Golden Horseshoe at Toronto 2015, bringing the best images from the Pan American Games to fans was a challenge.

To meet that demand, 10 volunteer photographers suited up for Team Canada. Each in an authorized, standard issue grey bib, getting on early morning media buses with heavy equipment, fanning out across Southern Ontario to capture scenes of sport drama as it unfolded during TO2015. Each photographer was asked to select his or her five favourite images from the Games. Here they are:

Winston Chow

“It’s always exciting to witness high-potential athletes, and on a personal level – realizing how small the world can be as Andre De Grasse and I went to the same high school, four years apart.”

John Steven Fernandez

Alexandra Fernando

“There’s more to capture in the Games than action shots. Athletes give their heart out for team and supporters. As a photographer my role is to share their stories, medal or not. Everything counts.”

Michael P. Hall

“Sport is full of emotion, volleyball has more than others. There are many more displays of emotion. Always great to capture positive and negative emotion in the same pic.”

David Jackson

Greg Kolz

I was incredibly inspired by what I saw and experienced, and was privileged to be able to capture and share some of these moments.”

Jason Ransom

“When not consumed with decisive moment action during athletics, a photographer can often find interesting compositions using shadows and/or silhouettes.”

Mike Ridewood

“I have come to really love team handball. Fast and rugged. The players give no ground and expect nothing back. Not sure why it hasn’t caught on in North America.”

Jeffrey Sze

Jason Tse

“Teamwork, Focus, Dedication, Passion, Coaching.”


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