A shot from the ground up of the women's rugby team looks down at the ground while standing in a circle.COC Photo/Mark Blinch
COC Photo/Mark Blinch

How Team Canada athletes are leading the way at home

Team Canada athletes are role models for their athletic abilities and accomplishments, but now they have a more important role — being a role model off the playing field during the COVID-19 pandemic, and helping to flatten the curve.

Let’s take a look at how athletes, both current and retired, are leading the way.

Reminding you to stay inside

Three-time Olympian Diana Matheson said during an interview with CBC News early this week – “When I go for runs, I see groups of teenagers, kids, playing soccer and that’s – I mean it hurts to see that cause we’re giving up training for an Olympics, and Team Canada’s given up the chance to go the Olympics this year, and we still see people out there, making the decision to go and not socially isolate.”

Mark Tewksbury, Chef de Mission of the London 2012 Olympic team, reminded everyone that staying inside isn’t only good for our own health, but for the sake of public health as well.

Some Olympians like Mark Pearson, added a little humour to their still important message.

Training (alone, of course!)

Looking to stay in the best shape possible, athletes are doing their best with what they have at home.

Providing entertainment

Team Canada athletes have many talents outside of their athletic skills, and are showcasing them for us to enjoy.

Reminding you to support local businesses

While most businesses have been struggling, your local mom and pop shop will have been hit the hardest. Gabriela DeBues-Stafford shared an initiative her friends started – a database of Toronto businesses still open during the pandemic. If your city doesn’t have one, it’s time to start one!

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Thank you all so much for the love and support in response to my post yesterday ❤️ These are uncertain times for everyone, including small businesses in Toronto and the staff who run them. Some estimate that around 25% of small businesses in Toronto will have to shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, we Torontonians can try to stop this by continuing to support our local businesses as many of them are still running throughout this crisis. My friends have created a living database (link in bio) of Toronto businesses still operating, so if you need something, check out that database so that our city can come out of this as unscathed as possible. And, if you don't live in Toronto get in touch with them through the database to set up a similar initiative for your city! Also please share this and spread the word! #supportsmallbusinesses #torontoproud #covid19

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Some businesses have found new ways to stay afloat, such as providing online fitness programs to help Olympic hopefuls.

Thanking those on the frontlines

Perhaps most importantly, athletes have been giving their thanks to all those working on the frontlines – from healthcare workers to those working in essential stores.