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Hugo Houle is a two-time Olympian in road cycling. He dedicates every race to his younger brother, Pierrik, who died in a tragic accident at age 19. This was a devastating loss for Hugo and his family, but he was determined to continue pursuing his passion for cycling. As an alternate for the Paris 2024 Games, he continues to chase victory as a world class cyclist.

This is Hugo Houle, member of Team Canada.
When you see me on the world stage, I’m a 2-time Olympian in road cycling and the second Canadian ever to win a stage in the Tour de France. 
What you don’t see is that my biggest obstacle happened away from competition.
When my younger brother Pierrick was just 19 years old, he was killed in a tragic accident.
After Pierrick died, I was devastated, and I couldn’t even think about competing in a race. But over time, I decided not to give up on my love of cycling. I persevered through my pain, channeled my grief into focus, and began dedicating my races to Pierrick’s memory.
This drive has helped push me to great heights. Not only have I competed against the world’s best road cyclists, I’ve beaten them.
As I prepare for the Olympic Games in Paris, I feel so confident. Because I know my brother will be on this ride with me.
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