The Audit, Finance, Risk Management Committee (AFRMC) provides oversight on audit, finance and risk management matters, including overseeing: the appropriateness of the annual budgeting and strategic planning process, and the annual and strategic financial plan; the integrity of the financial reporting and financial statements; compliance with applicable accounting practices and laws; overseeing internal controls as they relate to financial reporting and non-financial matters; the monitoring of budgeted versus actual results; the qualifications, independence, appointment and work of the auditor; and the effectiveness of the COC’s risk management infrastructure. A key area of focus for the AFRMC in 2022 was the execution against and the updating of the 2021-2024 quadrennial financial plan and the on-going monitoring of financial results against the plan. In addition, the AFRMC provided oversight on the development of the annual 2023 financial plan. Further, the AFRMC guided the COC through the continued financial uncertainty and volatile capital markets. The AFRMC also ensured the COC had the appropriate risk protocols inplace, including ensuring appropriate cyber security controls for the Beijing high risk Games.  Finally, the AFRMC convened 3 Special Purpose meetings to provide oversight on all financial matters related to the Indigenous-led BC2030 bid.

Members of the Committee:
Ian Clarke (Chair)
Chris Clark (Vice Chair)
Stacey Allaster
Karen Rubin
Debra Armstrong
Therese Brisson
Henry Scheil
Tricia Smith
Michael French (COC Staff Liason)

AFRMC Mandate


The Investment Committee is focused on investment matters, specifically the oversight of the COC’s investment portfolio and those additional Funds entrusted to it. These Funds include the COC’s Canadian Olympic Family Fund, the Petro Canada Olympic Torch Scholarship Fund, the Olympic Legacy Coaching Fund and any successor or replacement fund. The Investment Committee provides recommendations to the Board on investment policies and strategies designed to deliver upon investment goals while dealing with the ever changing and at times volatile nature of the financial markets. The Investment Committee appoints an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) to assist with its mandate. In 2022, the prime area of focus of the Committee was to provide oversight to the OCIO to optimize the portfolio performance within the volatile and uncertain markets.

Members of the Committee:
Chris Clark (Chair)
Ian Clarke
Tom Bradley
Leslie Cliff
Diane Fulton
Michelle Peshko
Mike Scarola
Tricia Smith
Michael French (COC Staff Liason)

IC Mandate


The work of the Governance and Ethics Committee (GEC) is focused on assisting the Board in fulfilling its governance and ethics responsibilities by providing oversight on all governance and ethics matters. In addition to fulfilling its annual responsibilities, in 2022 the GEC also undertook a comprehensive review of the COC General By-Law No. 1 and made proposed changes to address areas of continued relevance and areas for improvement. The GEC also discussed and considered ethical topics related to athlete age limits and transgender participation, which will continue in 2023.

Members of the Committee:
David de Vlieger (Chair)
Lori DeGraw (Vice-Chair)
Inaki Gomez
Saad Rafi
Jennifer Bishop
Maxwell Lattimer
Debra Gassewitz
Peter Lawless
Gord Peterson
Marianne Bolhuis (COC Staff Liason)

GEC Mandate


The focus of the Human Resources Committee (HRC) is on matters pertaining to Human Resources, including for the Chief Executive Officer and Secretary General as well as people development and succession, compensation, performance evaluation, and overall Human Resources strategy, policies and practices. In 2022, the HRC was additionally focused on COVID-19, return to the office in a new hybrid and flexible work model, employee wellness, inclusive talent acquisition, a total rewards review and the usual survey series of Employee Engagement and Employee Self-identification. 

Members of the Committee: 
Karen Rubin (Chair)
Jaqui Parchment (Vice-Chair)
Marie-Huguette Cormier
Peter Dinsdale
Hubert T. Lacroix
Rosie MacLennan
Tricia Smith
Candice Maxis (COC Staff Liason)

HRC Mandate


The Nominating Committee’s responsibilities include identifying individuals qualified to become Board members and recommending to the Board: (i) directors to be appointed to fill any gaps identified by the Board, (ii) director nominees for election by the Members based on the Committee’s assessment of who will provide the optimal mix of skills and experience for the Board to fulfill its roles in guiding the long-term strategy and ongoing business operations of the COC, (iii) individuals for the position of President, and for available positions for Class B Members, and (iv) Olympic Supporters for Board approval. In 2022, the Nominating Committee was focused on preparing for and conducting the nomination process for the 2023 election of 6 directors and 6 Class B Members, and supporting the Board in the director appointment made in 2022.

Members of the Committee:
Lori DeGraw (Chair)
Peter Dinsdale (Vice-Chair)
Kristy Balkwill
Isabelle Baird
Katherine Henderson
Lorraine Lafreniere
Gord Orlikow
Richard Powers
Jacqueline Simoneau
Marianne Bolhuis (COC Staff Liason)

NC Mandate


The Team Selection Committee’s responsibilities relate to the Team selection for Canada’s participation in the Olympic Games, Olympic Winter Games, Pan American Games and Youth Olympic Games and any other sporting events to which a National Olympic Committee has the responsibility to select a Team (collectively the “Games”). Following the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, the Team Selection Committee’s activities shifted towards preparation for the 2023 Bali Beach Games, the 2023 Santiago Panam Games and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, as well as the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games. Committee work included reviewing and approving updated team agreements and internal nomination procedures (INPs).

Members of the Committee:
Marie-Huguette Cormier (Chair)
Hubert T. Lacroix (Vice-Chair)
Kim Boutin
Kathy Brook
Elaine Dagg-Jackson
Mark Eckert
Katherine Henderson
Peter Judge
Jacqueline Simoneau
Walter Sieber
Christine Girard
Bruny Surin
Catriona Le May Doan
Ella Mawdsley (COC Staff Liason)

TS Mandate