Primary Goals

These Primary Goals have been developed to measure the COC’s success in the achievement of our vision and mission through 2020:

Podium Success
The COC, as the NOC in Canada, will provide the leadership for podium success which is defined as Canada meeting the following targets in terms of total medal count at Olympic Games:


  • In contention for #1


  • Top 12 in 2012
  • Top 8 in 2020/2024 (aligned with G8)


Advancing the Olympic Movement in Canada
Defined by the extent to which the COC is able to energize and engage Canadians in the Olympic Movement, enhance the Canadian Olympic Brands in Canada and sustain a reliable source of revenue to sustain all activities of the COC, we will:

  • Build the Olympic Brand and elevate its place in the Canadian psyche
  • Grow education, awareness and participation in sport in Canada
  • Promote the values of Olympism