Vancouver 2010 Women’s Hockey Team

The women’s Vancouver 2010 hockey team won gold on home ice in at Vancouver 2010 to earn Canada its third consecutive hockey gold medal, conceding only two goals over the duration of the five game tournament. The team’s gold medal game victory (2-0) is the only time in women’s Olympic hockey history Team Canada has shut out team USA or vice-versa.

Members of the Vancouver 2010 Women’s Hockey Team:

Hayley Wickenheiser

Shannon Szabados

Meghan Agosta

Carla Macleod

Becky Kellar (Duke)

Colleen Sostorics

Rebecca Johnston

Cherie Piper

Gillian Apps

Meaghan Mikkelson

Caroline Ouellette

Jayna Hefford

Jennifer Botterill

Catherine Ward

Haley Irwin

Tessa Bonhomme

Sarah Vaillancourt

Gina Kingsbury

Marie-Philip Poulin

Charline Labonté

Kim St-Pierre