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New #OneTeam Blog

Welcome to the new #OneTeam blog!

This is a place where all the #OneTeam ambassadors will be sharing their stories and experiences as LGBTQ athletes or allies united to create a safer school and sport environment.

In collaboration with You Can Play and Egale Canada, the #OneTeam initiative was created to fight gender-based discrimination, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, or any other type of discrimination in sport. At the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), we strongly believe that creating safer and inclusive environments for LGBTQ helps ensuring that all students, athletes, spectators and coaches can be who they are, and enjoy their love of the game.

This blog will highlight upcoming events, event recaps, resources and programs available for schools and sports organizations, ambassadors’ stories, and much more.

Watch for updates!


The COC Education, Youth and Community Outreach Team

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