RBC Olympians

The RBC Olympians Program, which began in 2002, is a national initiative that provides elite athletes with an opportunity to gain valuable career experience alongside a flexible work schedule, to allow the time necessary to train and compete on the world stage.  Athletes who participate in the program gain skills and experiences which help them to achieve success both on and off the field of play.

RBC Olympians act as community ambassadors in cities and towns across Canada — to share past experiences and Olympic accomplishments with students, communities, clients and employees. These athlete ambassadors work to champion and raise awareness about the importance of sport in daily life, inspiring the next generation to be physically active, make healthy decisions and participate in sports, no matter the level.

Since its inception, nearly 300 current and retired Olympic and Paralympic athletes have participated in the RBC Olympians Program and many have become full-time RBC employees. Thirteen RBC Training Ground alumni have become Olympians, and 7 have won Olympic medals.

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