Team Canada Anti-Racism Resources

Athlete Voices and Accomplishments

Every Team Canada athlete is unique with their own story to tell.

Crystal Emmanuel shared how she is Black, beautiful, proud and empowering.

Phylicia George took fans inside her journey from track and field to bobsleigh and back.

Over the decades, so many Black athletes have had to break down barriers in pursuit of their Olympic dreams, but in doing so, have greatly contributed to Canada’s sporting success.

Black athletes have been raising their voices against racism, using their social media platforms to encourage listening, learning, and action while sharing their personal perspectives.

From Harry Jerome to Donovan Bailey to Andre De Grasse, the baton continues to be passed from generation to generation and so too must the message of anti-racism.

Below is a collection of educational resources and organizations that provide valuable perspective and information in the fight against systemic racism.

Educational Resources

The Government of Canada has compiled numerous resources relevant to combating racism, some specific to the topics of employment and justice.

This document has an extensive list of anti-racism resources in the form of books, articles, podcasts, as well as movies and TV series. Some of these are geared towards parents who are looking for help in guiding conversations with children about racism.

You can also find a list of 31 children’s books here for further assistance with speaking to young people about race and racism.

For people in the workforce, sometimes a reminder is needed that it’s okay to not be okay when confronted with racism and empathy is required.


Originally created in the United States, Black Lives Matter has become an international movement with chapters around the world, including in Toronto and Vancouver.

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation is “Canada’s leading agency dedicated to the elimination of racism and all forms of discrimination in Canadian society.”

The Canadian Anti-Racism Education and Research Society and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network have missions focused on shutting down hate groups.

There are multiple other organizations across the country that all strive towards anti-racism. You can find more information on them here.