Ciaran McGovern



Full-Time Training Center

Languages spoken:


Idols (in sport or other):


Favourite activities outside of sport:

Reading philosophy

Sibling(s) Name(s) (date of birth):

Brother- Rory, Sister- Meghan

Pre-competition rituals / superstitions:

Listen to classic music

Training Location(s):

Gatineau, QC

Preferred sport events / Specialties:



Vincent Pichette, Glenn Hoag

Senior national athlete since:


Nickname (s):


College/ University (year graduated):

University of Calgary

Focus of studies:

Classics/Greek and Roman Studies

Other sports participated in:

Soccer, Tennis

Favourite movies / TV shows:

Gladiator, Boondock Saints/ Entourage, It’s always sunny in Philidelphia

Favourite quote / motto:

Greatness isn’t born … it’s grown.

It would surprise you to know that I …:

Play the piano

National titles (include event, year):

2010- CIS National Champion, Men’s Volleyball

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2011:

Canada West Champion
CIS Bronze Medalists

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2010:

CIS Champion
Canada West Bronze

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2009:

Junior World Championships- 12th place

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2008:

NORCECA Championships – 2nd place

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2007:

National Champion- Team Alberta

World Championship appearances – Best results by year:

2009 Junior World Championships- 12th place

Major awards (ex. CDN Player of Year, Hall of Fame inductee):

U18 Alberta Volleyball Player of the year.
NORCECA Championships – Best setter
Canada West all star