Daria Jorquera Palmer



Lightning Fencing Club

Languages spoken:

English, French and some Spanish

Idols (in sport or other):

Lionel Messi, Rafael Nadal

Favourite activities outside of sport:

Camping, travelling, other sports (soccer), relaxing

Sibling(s) Name(s) (date of birth):

Andres Jorquera – Jan 19/1976

Pre-competition rituals / superstitions:

Never shower the morning of the competition

Training Location(s):


Preferred sport events / Specialties:

Soccer, Tennis


Ayach Bounachada

Senior national athlete since:


Nickname (s):

Dar, D, Little One

College/ University (year graduated):

University of Manitoba

Focus of studies:

Sport and Recreation Management

Other sports participated in:


Favourite movies / TV shows:

Casablanca, The Mask of Zorro, Ocean’s 11 Series

Favourite quote / motto:

“Losers quit when they’re tired. Winners quit when they’ve won.”

It would surprise you to know that I …:

…am probably the shortest person in my sport to compete at the international level.