Gabriella PageAt 16 years old, Gabriella Page made her debut at the senior FIE World Championships in 2011 and also competed at her first FIE World Junior Championships that same year. In her four world junior appearances, she recorded her best placement of 15th in 2012 and ended that season ranked a career-high 36th in the world amongst juniors. Page is a two-time bronze medallist in the team sabre event at the Pan American Championships where her top individual result is sixth place, achieved in 2012.


Family: Parents Ernesto Cocchi and mother Rosemarie Page… Brothers Johnathan Page and Errico Cocchi… Getting into the Sport: Started fencing at age 14… Other Interests: Studying social sciences at Collège Montmorency, aiming to study psychology at university… Supports CIBC Run for the Cure…Odds and Ends: Favourite quote: “I fear not the man who practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” – Bruce Lee… Always travels with a stuffed pink piggy that rattles… Nickname: Gabby, Gab, Gabry… Her bling is her good luck charm…


PAC: 2015 – 14th (ind sabre), 4th (team sabre); 2014 – 18th (ind sabre), 6th (team sabre); 2013 – 8th (ind sabre), BRONZE (team sabre); 2012 – 6th (ind sabre), BRONZE (team sabre)

FIE WCh: 2014 – 49th (ind sabre), 16th (team sabre); 2013 – 74th (ind sabre), 20th (team sabre); 2011 – 50th (ind sabre), 24th (team sabre)

FIE WCh (junior): 2014 – 20th (ind sabre); 2013 – 31st (ind sabre); 2012 – 15th (ind sabre); 2011 – 30th (ind sabre)