Miranda Ranieri



National Squash Academy and Northfield Racquet Club

Languages spoken:


Idols (in sport or other):

Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer

Favourite activities outside of sport:


Sibling(s) Name(s) (date of birth):

Danielle Ranieri (Nov 26 1983)

Pre-competition rituals / superstitions:

Music and biking

Training Location(s):

Waterloo and Toronto, Ontario

Preferred sport events / Specialties:

Basketball games


Jonathon Power, Gary Waite

Senior national athlete since:


College/ University (year graduated):

Yale University (2008)

Focus of studies:


Other sports participated in:

Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton

Favourite movies / TV shows:

Dexter, The Office, True Blood

Favourite quote / motto:

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get” – Forrest Gump

National titles (include event, year):

Junior Canadian National Champion 1997, 1999, 2001
NCAA Intercollegiate Champion 2008
Senior Canadian National Champion 2010, 2011

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2011:

Canadian National Champion
Meadowvale Pharmacy Open, Winnipeg, Ontario – Runner Up

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2010:

Canadian National Champion
Metro Squash US open, Chicago, IL- qualified
Delaware State Open- Runner up

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2009:

Winner FASSP St. Lukes Open, Stamford, Ct

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2008:

NCAA Intercollegiate Champion
Winner- Pepsi Niagra Open, St. Catherines, Ontario

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2007:

NCAA intercollegiate Championships- 5/8 place

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2006:

Yale- team National Champions, Ivy League Champions and Howe Cup Champions
NCAA intercollegiate Championships- 3/4 place

Career notes prior (excluding Olympic):

NCAA intercollegiate Championships- 5/8 place- 2005

Pan Am Games results — all events, all Games:

3rd place Pan American Games 2008

Major awards (ex. CDN Player of Year, Hall of Fame inductee):

Kitchener Collegiate Institute – Junior Athlete of the year and Senior Athlete of the year (2002, 2004)
Jim Mason Fair Play Award 1999