Olympic Club Contest Winners

Olympic Club Contest Winners

As an Olympic Club member you can earn points to increase your fan status and enter to win awesome prizes.

Here are the lucky 2016 Olympic Club prize winners so far (names will be added as soon as possible):

Signed Derek Drouin Jacket

Winner: Jaclyn M

Canada's Derek Drouin, bronze medalist for the men's high jump, waves from the podium during the athletics in the Olympic Stadium at the 2012 Summer Olympics, London, Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Canada Day Clothing Package

Winner: Lisa Nguyen

OC Canada Day

Adidas High-Performance Tanks

Winner: Hoang-Son T

Trip to Rio

Winner: Kevin C

Rio 2016 Contest

Komak Plushies

Winner: A Hunter

OC-Komak 2

Rugby Jersey & Ball

Winner: Debby K

OC Rugby

Oakley Rio Sunglasses

Winner: Mary L

Rio 2016 Oakleys

Swatch from the Olympic Spirit collection

Winner: Allan C

Swatch watches

Golf Prize Pack

Winner: Alain S

Golf prizepack

Rio 2016 Kit

Winner: Carole D

Olympic Club HBC Rio Kit

Soccer Prize Pack

Winner: Lauren W

adidas soccer pack

Varsity Jacket

Winner: Hugo R

OC bomber Jacket

Easter Prize Pack

Winner: Susan S

OC Prize pack

Adidas kicks

Winner: Sarah V

Adidas OC contest

Oakley Sunglasses

Winner: Chris Meyer


Kelsey Serwa Jacket

Winner: Cynthia A

OC serwa podium jacket

Tessa Virtue Jacket

Winner: Alyssa N


Winter Survival Pack

Winner: Jonathan R

Winter survival kit

Matching Jackets for lovers

Winner: Lei G

Olympic Club Valentines Day

Doggie gear

Winner: Bronwyn Price

Olympic Club dog hoodie

Clara Hughes Jacket

Winner: Sandy Moar

Clara Hughes Jacket

Olympic Club members can also use their reward points to download exclusive backgrounds.


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Club Promoter

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Completed Profile!

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