Olivia Grant
  • Born: 02/07/1989
  • Age: 26
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario


Kan Zen Kai

Languages spoken:

English, some Russian and some Farsi

Idols (in sport or other):

Georges St-Pierre

Favourite activities outside of sport:

Photography, Wildlife, my pets

Senior national athlete since:


College/ University (year graduated):

York University

Focus of studies:


Favourite quote / motto:

You’ve got the temporary pain of discipline or the long term pain of regret.

National titles (include event, year):

– 2004 GOLD Medallist (Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA)
– 2005 GOLD & BRONZE Medallist (Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA)
– 2006 GOLD & SILVER Medallist (St. John’s, Newfoundland, CANADA)
– 2007 2X GOLD Medallist (Richmond, British Columbia, CANADA)
– 2008 3X GOLD Medallist & BRONZE Medalist (Saint John, New Brunswick, CANADA)
– 2009 2X GOLD Medallist & BRONZE Medalist (Calgary, Alberta, CANADA)
– 2010 SILVER Medallist & 2X BRONZE Medalist (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA)

World Championship appearances – Best results by year:

Jr. Worlds 2005
Sr. Worlds 2010

Major awards (ex. CDN Player of Year, Hall of Fame inductee):

Sportsmanship Award
Carmen Forgione & Ron Tkacz Memorial Cup

Olympic Club

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Day 16 Recap: Canada ends Toronto 2015 with 217 medals

Upcoming GamesSee All

2016 Rio

2016 Rio

History will be made in 2016 when Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosts the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, marking the first time that a South American country will welcome the world to an Olympic Games. It is also just the third time that the Games will be held in the southern hemisphere, following Melbourne 1956 and Sydney 2000.

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