On Parliament Hill, COC Seeks Reinvestment of $22 Million Annually for Own the Podium

In a Sept. 16 presentation to the federal government’s Standing Committee on Finance, the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) sought additional funds for its critical Own the Podium program. Board member and two-time Olympic medallist Therese Brisson submitted the case for continuing Ottawa’s full investment of $70 million a year for Own the Podium. As it stands, following 2010, this figure is set to drop to $48 million.

Brisson, accompanied by COC Chief Executive Officer Chris Rudge and Own the Podium Chief Technical Officer Alex Baumann, urged the Standing Committee on Finance to continue investing that $22 million figure into Own the Podium, which helps propel Canada’s young athletes to reach their potential competing in Canadian colours on the international stage. The value of high performance sport runs deep, uniting the country and inspiring Canadians from all walks of life.

Brisson – a hockey player who won silver in 1998 and gold in 2002 – stressed that Own the Podium helps create sporting heroes for Canadians, but more so, fuels the hopes and dreams of young Canadians.

Own the Podium, in providing the resources athletes need to compete at the highest level, is critical in helping this country excel in sport. Winter athletes were first in the 2009 world rankings (up from fourth in 2002) and summer athletes tied for 13th place overall at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, up from 19th four years earlier in Athens.

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