Rochette Wins Bronze

Yesterday, perhaps the best place to celebrate was in the town of Île Dupas, Quebec, on a street named Joannie Rochette Avenue.

In that town, Rochette was raised a skater by mother Therese and father Norman. Last Sunday, Therese passed away in Vancouver. Four days later, her daughter collected a bronze medal in figure skating in one of the most memorable and courageous skates we’re ever likely to see.

It is the first women’s singles medal since Liz Manley won silver in Calgary in 1988. Twenty-two years later, again on home soil, Rochette rose to the truly difficult occasion.

“I’m happy to be on the podium,” she said. “It was a lifetime project for me and my mom and we achieved that.”

What else is there to say, but: Bravo, Joannie.