Alpine Skiers: Quotes During the 2010 Olympic Winter Games


Britt Janyk: “It’s really exciting to be here in Whistler and to be able to share this moment with my family and to experience it with the town of Whistler.”


Britt Janyk:

On free skiing:
“I am not going to go off of a 20-foot cliff or do anything crazy.”

On the delays:
“A lot of time on the World Cup circuit, we get delays because of weather. We have had many downhills where we only get one training run, so I think the rest of the nations are quite used to this. They are probably doing the same thing: staying relaxed and getting ready for the run.”

On her mom, Andree Janyk:
“My mom is working on the hill so she is probably out there more than I am right now.”


Manuel Osborne-Paradis post-race, downhill final – 17th place:

“I was skiing for gold today. There are three spots on the podium and they are a lot of guys skiing for those spots, good guys. I made a huge mistake in a certain part of the course and that cost me the race. I was skiing really well on top and I matched Didier Defago’s time.”

Erik Guay, downhill, 5th place – On his performance:

“I don’t really know how I feel right now. I mean I’m happy with a fifth place. It is an excellent result for me, especially since it’s my best result in downhill this season. But this is the Olympic Games, I wanted more, I wanted a spot on the podium. I was really hoping for that.”


Shona Rubens, on downhill training:

“We knew that with all the rain and snow that the snow conditions were going to be a challenge but today we found out just how challenging it’s going to be. We are going to have to bring it one race day, (and are) looking forward to the challenge. We really happy to have one training run under our belt and get right into race mode.”


Shona Rubens post-race, women’s downhill final:

“It was tough mentally today because of all the crashes but this is ski-racing so we are used to these kinds of delays and crashes. I’ve got two more races so I am going to take what I can from this one and focus on the next one. I am so proud of Britt (Janyk) too, we would love a medal but a top 6 finish is amazing. I am really proud of her.”

Emily Brydon post-race, women’s downhill final:

“The hill is beating people up but it is an amazing course and it is the conditions that make it challenging. This is the Olympics so everyone is putting it into 5th gear and perhaps putting themselves at a higher risk for injury, but this is downhill racing and it is part of the package. I think the reason we are seeing so much carnage today is because this is a long course for the women and by the end we are exsausted. For me personally, I could not have worked any harder or had a better support staff with me, I gave it my best and the energy was amazing.”

Britt Janyk post-race, women’s downhill:

“I can only hope to stand on the podium, but I guess today just wasn’t my day. I can’t control what the other skiiers do but I skiied my best and stayed focused. The crowd was incredible, it was so neat to see all of them and feel the energy. The course is tough and it’s a fight to the finish but there are some great bumps on it. We’ve been working for year’s towards this day so it was incredible to finally get this day in front of the hometown crowd.”


Shona Rubens , 12th place after women’s super combined:

“I had a solid run and I am happy with my day. I am really excited for Super G, I’ve had my best results in that event this year and if the weather holds up it will be amazing.”


Manuel Osborne-Paradis — Did Not Finish, on the pressure to perform:

“It’s good. If you want to be one of the best you need to have that pressure. I like the pressure. I like the fact that people’s eyes were on me.”

Erik Guay – fifth place, on his performance:

“It’s tough to swallow, finishing three hundredths off the podium.”

Men’s Alpine Head Coach, post race, men’s super-G

“Erik had two great races, he’s been painfully close to the podium in each race so it’s frustrating because he was so close. For the rest of the guys I think their nerves got to them and perhaps they got a little over charged. I know they are capable of much better”.


Emily Brydon , ladies super-G, on her performance:

“It’s definitely not what I had hoped for or envisioned or planned. There are so many opportunities for greatness out there and it wasn’t my time, I wasn’t able to capitalize.”


Marie-Michèle Gagnon, on the postponed ladies giant slalom second run:

”Obviously, were disappointed that we didn’t race (the second run.) We were ready, all four Canadians,” said Gagnon. “But we’ll be better tomorrow. For the second run tomorrow, we will be ready again.”


Marie-Michèle Gagnon, post-race, giant slalom

“It was a good day, but I was not happy to have not made first place after my run. I am going to ski with more risk tomorrow. If I want to achieve my objective I have to ski all out.”