Sledders : Quotes from the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

I) Bobsleigh


Justin Kripps : “The energy is amazing back here mostly I feel great, physically I’m a little sore and tired though, been standing around for a little while.”


Kaillie Humphries:

“I try to drive the sled more like a Ferrari and less like a John Deere


Helen Upperton:

“I stood at the start line and I couldn’t feel my arms and legs.”


Jesse Lumsden (brakeman) – Canada 2 – ranked 6th (1:42.56):

“Consistency will be key for us tomorrow. With all the crashes tonight, the ice was soft in some areas and the delays slowed us down a bit by killing our momentum.”

Lyndon Rush (pilot) – Canada 1-ranked 2nd (1:42.15):

“I was very pleased with our first run. I think it’s the best we have ever done at this track. We had a few bumps at the start of run two but I managed to put it back together.”


Pierre Lueders:

“To be at five Olympics in a row, that’s pretty special.”

Lyndon Rush:

“I’m not that far removed from being a rookie driver who crashes all the time.”

II) Luge


Regan Lauscher:

“I knew it was going to be my last minute on the ice and I was just trying to soak it up. I just feel extremely blessed about having so many highlights in my life.”

Meaghan Simister :

Women’s Luge Singles Run – Tuesday, Feb 16th, finished 26th:

“I knew that I could not give up, and I didn’t. I went out and I re-focused. I am proud of myself for how I slid down the hill. The time on the clock at the end is irrelevant to me right now because I’m just so happy with my result.”


Chris Moffat: doubles final, finished 7th:

“I’m really happy to finish the way we did. As I was coming around 16, all I could hear were cheers and bells.”

Tristan Walker, doubles final, finished 14th:

“I was a little disappointed on the start however other than that, both of the runs went very well. It was the two best runs we had all week from that start. So I was happy with that. One of the problems was that we came into this run not quite yet comfortable with this new start. However, in the end, the Olympics are mostly for the experience and so as far as that goes, this was 10 out of 10!”

III) Skeleton


Jon Montgomery :

“It could be anybody’s game tomorrow and I’m just trying to hang on for dear life.”

Mike Douglas, men’s skeleton after finishing 5th in heats:

“Today was not what as great as I wanted it to be. So I will clean it up and hopefully it will be better for Friday’s run. I got off line a little today and its easy to skid your sled if you don’t have enough grip. My run was decent enough and if I can continue to find a good balance between the start and the run, I think everything should be great for the final”.


Jon Montgomery :

“Honestly I would have been happy with silver, but to earn that gold in front of the folks here, it means so much to me.”