Preparation For Sochi 2014 Is Well Underway

With excitement from the London Games still buzzing for Canadians, preparation for Sochi 2014 is well underway for the Canadian Olympic Committee.

A team of five COC employees were sent on the long 20-hour flight to Russia to check on the outlook of the host site and to see the development from their last visit earlier this year.

“It has been really exciting for me to see the progress that has been made in both the coast and the mountains since I was here last in February,” said Carla Anderson, Director of Team Operations at the Canadian Olympic Committee.

“There is a lot of work to be done, but we were able to get into venues that we couldn’t do so up to now.”

The team spent a full day on the coast of the city visiting the village, venues and hotels, and a second day in the mountains doing the same.

The main objective of this trip was to familiarize the operations team with the city and the venues to get a better idea of how it will all come together by the time the Winter Games in February of 2014.

“We still have much to see and many people to meet, but it’s been a great success so far,” said Anderson.