3 Incredible Rio 2016 Venues You Don’t Want to Miss

With only three years until the Olympic Games kick-off in Brazil, we bring you three incredible venues that showcase the transformation of Rio de Janeiro in the lead up to Rio 2016.  Take a look!

1. Olympic Park

Barra Olympic Park will be hosting 15 Olympic sports.  After the Games, it will be a great legacy for Brazilian sport, when it will become Brazil’s first Olympic Training Center.

Photo Credit: AECOM

2. Maracana

The world famous Maracanã stadium will be the stage of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and will host some soccer matches during the 2016 Olympic Games.  It will also host the deciding match of the World Cup, in 2014.

Photo Credit: Rio de Janeiro State Government/Erica Ramalho

3. Copacabana

One of Rio’s most famous postcards, the Copacabana Beach will host beach volleyball, marathon swimming and triathlon during Rio 2016.

Photo Credit: Rio 2016/ BCMF Arquitetos