Charles Hamelin is bringing swagger back

Charles Hamelin did plenty of extra training this World Cup season. That is if you count climbing onto the podium as step ups and wearing medals as weighted leg work.

The undisputed leader of the short track team finished with eight gold medals, one silver and one bronze counting individual and relay races. Get the guy a second suitcase.

In fact, the whole short track team needs another bag. Valérie Maltais, Marianne St. Gelais, Jessica Gregg, Jessica Hewitt, Olivier Jean, Michael Gilday and François Hamelin all won medals over the four World Cup stops. The team also managed to secure 20 of 20 possible spots for Sochi 2014 which breaks down to three in each men’s and women’s event, (500m, 1000m, 1500m), and both relays.

Since Charles Hamelin ball’d so hard this World Cup season, here are some things you can learn:

This is how to wear a snapback. With style. And with GSP.

Or wear one with your new ride.

In fact, Charles clearly takes all headwear very seriously.

Charles Hamelin

But seriously, confidence is key. Partway through the season Hamelin spoke about his excellent World Cup form:

“I am pleased because I do not consider myself at the top of my game. It looks good for the Olympics, because in a few months, I will be even faster and stronger.”

Charles seems happy to lead Canada’s Olympic dreams, and put them on his back.

It’s not only hockey players who have ‘sick flo’.