Olympic Ink: The tattoos of Canadian athletes

Olympic bodies are precisely tuned and extremely fit. They can also come with a healthy amount of ink. Here are some Olympians who have embraced the needle.

Kaillie Humphries

This bobsleigh Olympic Champion isn’t uncovered often, especially on the track. But the 28-year-old has plenty to show when she is. Photos: @BobsledKaillie

PHOTO: @BobsledKaillie


Sebastien Toutant

Sebastien Toutant
Sebastien Toutant

X-Games Champ Sebastien Toutant has a few arm tattoos to go with his laid back style.

Roz Groenewoud

This pro skier and Olympic hopeful claims to hate injections but was cool with a little basic needle work.

Brent Hayden

Olympic bronze medallist swimmer Brent Hayden has plenty of tattoos, he tell us about a few:

“My sleeve is a BC coastal scene with sky, mountains, trees, rocky shoreline and ocean. This represents where I’m from.”

“My torso tattoo is three stars amongst turbulent clouds. At the time I got the tattoo, the stars represented “the battles between mind, body & soul” in Isshin Ryu Karate. It was a fitting way to remember my sensei who had recently passed away. Now that my swimming career is completed, the three stars have taken on additional meanings as well. Three Olympics, my bronze medal, and the fact that three has always been my lucky number.”

OLY COC London 2012

Charles Hamelin

Three-time Olympic medallist Charles Hamelin has a personal interpretation of the simple Olympic rings tattoo.