10 ways Oakley can give you timeless Olympic style

They were on the streets in fluorescent colours, setting trends in fine ’80s fashion. They’ve been on Christmas wish lists for decades. And you know they can be found on the faces of champions.

This is no accident. Oakley glasses are bad-ass. So, it just makes sense they formally join the Canadian Olympic family as an Official partner. Now, if you want in on the action and get some Olympic style for yourself, join us on Twitter and retweet for a chance to win a killer pair of shades.

Here are 10 ways Oakley can give you Olympic style:


1. The glare of the gladiator can never be underrated.

Oakley102. Well, Oakley can’t can’t give you the super strength of Pierre Harvey, but take these bad boys out on the ski trails and see what happens. One thing’s for sure, nobody’s gonna mess with you.


3. The bad news is you’re not going to win Canada’s first Olympic gold medal on home soil. The good news is if you strap some red and white goggles over your ski helmet, get focused, and bang some bumps at your local hill you can re-live the dream.


4. Maybe dressing in a 1980s spandex onesie with a hood isn’t your thing. However, if you come blasting around a corner on speed skates at 60km/h, you’re going to want something to protect your eyes from speed tears.


5. Just imagine what is possible.


6. Maybe your version of cross-country skiing involves stopping for lunch, a bathroom break , or a fanny pack to carry your keys and chapstick . That’s OK, we understand that heading out on the skinny skis to race full-blast for 50km in -30 C weather isn’t exactly enticing for everyone. But rock some stellar shades and when you stop for that hot chochie it will be that much sweeter.


7. Celebrate … in style.

Walker, Dave

8. 1988 ski ballet + classic eyewear = ultimate style on the slopes.


9. At any point in time, in any situation, you have the power to make it awesome.


10. You can simply join us on Twitter and retweet for a chance to win a pair of these specs from Oakley’s 2014 Canadian Olympic collection.