A Canadian flag waved by someone in the crowd.

You know you are Olympic obsessed when…

You know you are Olympic obsessed when…

1)  You own all the Olympic gear, and you not only wear/use it during the Games but all year around. (Photo: Winston Chow)

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2)  You collect Olympic pins and know there are trading stations at the Games. (Photo: CP Images)

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3)  You paint your face and hold up signs, whether you are at a game or you are watching it from home. (Photo: CP Images)

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4)  All of your favourite athletes and sports are already being followed on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, etc. (Photo: Instagram, @markmcmorris)

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5)  You rather gold medals than gold jewelry. (Photo: Jeff McIntosh)

Kaillie Humphries,Heather Moyse ,Helen Upperton ,Shelly-Ann Brown

6)  Instead of doodling your name, you constantly doodle the Olympic rings to perfect your form. (Photo: Instagram, @CDNOlympicTeam)

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7)  Suddenly you have the urge to take up a new sport…you can be a professional snowboarder too, right?! (Photo: CP Images)

Vancouver Olympics Snowboarding

8)  Everything turns into a competition with you. When running on the treadmill you race the person beside you even though they have no idea you are racing. (Photo: CP Images)


9)  You check www.Olympic.ca constantly during the day to get updates on all the hot stories. Sometimes you even stream the games at work…shhh don’t tell anyone.

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10)  Even though it is costly to fly to Sochi, you planned your flight and hotel two years ago to ensure you will be in Sochi for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games!  (Photo: Olympic.ca)