The Olympic Games: A question of style

Team Canada revealed their HBC Olympic kit for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi back in October. Since then, many countries around the world have showcased what their athletes will be donning come Games time, including the infamous Norwegian Curling Team (below).



In honour of the Olympic rings, we presented the outfits by continent.


Team USA went with designer Ralph Lauren, known for his heritage collection. Although some of those sweaters are a throwback to our recent holiday parties, the collection captures the spirit of the country.

Team Canada. What can we say? Hudson’s Bay did a fantastic job at making our good looking athletes look even better. We’ve had our eye on that duffle coat all season long!

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Although the models from Mongolia look frightened to have their photo taken, we love the simple yet sophisticated layering going on. Also is that velour? Nice!

Team Japan is definitely channeling a”school boy chic” look, fitting  I suppose.

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We scowered the internet to find some outfits representing Africa however, given the continent’s winter sport status, we came up empty. Instead, we thought we would leave you with this fun fact : Zimbabwe will be sending their very first winter athlete to the Olympics in Sochi, alpine skiier Luke Steyn (below).

Photo: New York Times

Photo: New York Times


Team Australia will be shining bright in Sochi with their green and gold, a refreshing splash of colour among some of the more somber looks.

Team New Zealand has some friendly meets gangster style going on and we like it!

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It comes as no surprise that the European countries truly bring Olympic style to a whole new level. With Italy boasting designs from Giorgio Armani himself and France with Lacoste you know those athletes will be looking dapper.

Our pick for best dressed though goes to Sweden. The outfits are a perfect balance between sporty and chic. We likey!

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Tell us Canada, which Sochi 2014 uniforms make your best dressed list and which are straight up fashion faux-pas?

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