Big fans: Denny Morrison’s friends and family cheer him on

While Fort St. John, BC’s Denny Morrison was racing to bronze in the 1500m, there was a small group of people nestled on one corner…going nuts.

Buried in a sea of Russian flags, Dutch orange, and over top of air horn and cowbell, were the sights and sounds of 13 noisy Canadians.

The adventure began at Canada Olympic House, or basically, a cottage in the middle of Sochi summer winter.
The group included Denny’s parents, brother, girlfriend and more.

The crew then geared up and headed for Adler Arena, rocking maple leaf Morph Suits.


The loud Canadians got some attention in the building, and some screen time.

The Dutch fans were getting drowned out, so they joined in.


If you don’t have face cut-outs of your hero, you’re not nearly fan-enough. (P.S. That’s Denny’s brother and sister)


Denny said he could hear his cheering section on the final lap, we hope he could hear them on the podium too.

Denney Morrison