[PHOTOS]: Canada upsets host China in rugby sevens with hearty effort

How it happened: On Tuesday night, the women’s rugby sevens team won their Youth Olympic Games semifinal over China 26-19, disappointing a packed home crowd.

With Canada already leading 21-19, captain Hannah Darling managed to seal the win by shoving her way to a gritty try with 44 seconds remaining. “Ruthless. Ruthless was our key. Connected and ruthless, it was a big push, we had to fight all the way to the end,” said Darling.

Despite the coordinated urgings of the Chinese supporters, the Canadian team were steady, especially with the game tied at 14 coming out of half time. “The first thing to do at half is just breathe, take deep breaths, relax. I asked them if they were having fun, they said yes, I said ‘well let’s just keep it up’” said coach John Tait. “I couldn’t be prouder. China spent six months together and the girls have really only had 10 full days of prep total in the last six months so this is a great result. It’s definitely an upset.”

Canada will face Australia in the gold medal game on Wednesday morning in Nanjing. The Aussies pumped the United States 33-0 in their semifinal match.

“I couldn’t be more proud. I’m on the verge of tears. it’s an amazing feeling having my team with me.” – captain Hannah Darling after the match



Match and Postgame