Venue Guide: Varsity Stadium will host archery at TO2015

Venue Guide is a series looking at the competition grounds for the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.

A vibrant blue furnishes almost every corner of Varsity Stadium, site of archery for TO2015.

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It’s the blue track that is most startling when you first see the University of Toronto stadium, home to the Varsity Blues football team. On one side there is a reasonably-sized set of bleachers, to hold 5,000 people, all sitting overtop vintage Varsity Arena. While Varsity Stadium was built in 2007, the grounds have been an athletic site since 1898. The original stadium was constructed in 1911 and hosted Grey Cups, Vanier Cups, the soccer semifinals at the 1976 Olympics and once had a capacity of over 20,000.

The archers will set up around the south end zone and shoot toward the scoreboard.

Here is a 360-view of Varsity Stadium:

Here is a high-speed tour of Varsity Stadium:


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