2024 Olympic bid cities reveal logos

Although Rio 2016 is only a few months away, the International Olympic Committee is already on the hunt for the host of the 2024 Olympic Games.

Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and Budapest have all submitted their vision and logo for the 2024 Olympic Games. Here’s a little bit about the four cities battling it out.

Los Angeles, United States of America


Los Angeles was the first city to unveil their vision and logo for the 2024 Olympic Games, with a sunset celebration capturing the bid’s motto “follow the sun”. The LA 2024 logo features a sunset inside the symbolic Los Angeles angel. The rising and setting sun symbolizes the promise that “tomorrow can be whatever we want it to be.” If the city is selected, it will host the Olympic Games on the 40th anniversary of Los Angeles 1984.

Paris, France

Paris’ bid for the 2024 Olympic Games focuses on highlighting the city’s historic landmarks and breathtaking venues. Its logo features the city’s most popular attraction, the Eiffel Tower, using the numbers two and four to represent the Olympic year. If Paris is selected it will mark 100 years since Paris 1924, the city’s previous Olympics, it would also make it a three-time host

Rome, Italy

The theme for Rome’s Olympic bid translates to “The Italian art of the welcome.” Athletes and fans will travel through time and history with events taking place in legendary venues like the Circus Maximus, Roman Forum and the Colosseum, the latter showcased in the logo in the country’s national colours.  The bid’s focus on history applies not only to the city, but to the Olympic Games with 70 per cent of the venues outlined in its bid taking place in sites from Rome 1960.

Budapest, Hungary

Hosting the Olympic Games would mark a new beginning for the city of Budapest, the smallest of the four countries in contention. Its Olympic bid highlights the city’s compact size, which according to the organizers would create an intimate and unique Games experience unachievable by its competitors. Its logo features a minimalist and fluid design in Budapest’s national colours of red, white and green.