Canada's Jacqueline Simoneau and Karine Thomas perform during their duets free routine in synchronized swimming at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday August 14, 2016. COC Photo/Mark Blinch

Rio 2016 Day 9: Results and fan reactions

Day 9 of the Rio2016 Olympic Games brings the semifinal of the 100m. Fans and athletes have taken to social media to support #TeamCanada

After three medals on day 8, Team Canada charges ahead to another jam packed day.

Bronze for Andre De Grasse

Rio 2016: Andre De Grasse 100m final bronze

Andre De Grasse wins bronze in the 100m dash.

Athletics – Evening

Andre De Grasse has advanced to the semi finals.

Derek Drouin has qualified for the high jump finals.


Pamela Ware and Jennifer Abel competed in the 2m springboard individuals. Jennifer Abel placed 4th and Pamela Ware placed 7th.


Arthur Biyarslanov has been eliminated losing 0-2 to Germany.

Synchronized Swimming

Jacqueline Simoneau and Karine Thomas are currently sitting 7th.


Lanni Marchant and Krista Duchene competed in the marathon. Marchant placed 24, Duchene 35.

Beach Volleyball

Pavan/Bansley have been eliminated in straight sets to the Germans in the quarterfinals.