Serena Williams bounces ball(AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino)
(AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino)

10 unforgettable outfits from the French Open

Before the Grand Slam circuit lands in England, it will make a stop in nearby France for the French Open.

At Wimbledon, players must dress in white from head to toe (colour is allowed on the collar).

But in Paris at Roland Garros, players can express their creativity through their outfits – and there have been many memorable outfits.

Here are 10 cool looks that made us say Oh La La!

René Lacoste – 1920s

Fashion house Lacoste is recognizable by its famous crocodile. But did you know that before becoming a world-renowned designer, Lacoste founder René Lacoste was first a tennis player?

He even rose up the tennis rankings to number one in 1927. The Frenchman played at Roland Garros several times, winning three singles  and two doubles titles.

Serena Williams – 2018

Serena Williams’ catsuit was the talk of the town last year. She chose the catsuit for medical purposes (to avoid the formation of blood clots), but it caused quite the controversy.

We can’t wait to see what the Queen of Tennis will wear at the Porte d’Auteuil this year.

Andre Agassi – 1991

Imagine the following things: Andre Agassi, a mullet, jean shorts and maybe a headband. Enough said.

The kid from Las Vegas was really a rock star on Paris turf. We can only imagine how his bold look must have caused some major distractions to his opponents!

Bjorn Borg – 1979

His Fila look was not only trendy on the courts, but also became a part of fashion history. Even today, we can easily find pieces of the now vintage Borg collection on the web and in thrift stores. Oldie but always a goodie!

Suzanne Lenglen – 1926

If her name seems familiar, it’s because one of the main courts at Roland Garros is named after her. The French press nicknamed her La Divine (the Goddess).

Lenglen made a lasting impact on the (at the time) male-dominated tennis world.

During matches she fired a lot of acrobatic shots, and did so while wearing an outfit that would have been more suitable for afternoon tea. She was the first female tennis player to unveil her ankles and bare arms. This was considered an outrage in the 1920s.

Milos Raonic – 2014

No, Milos Raonic did not pay tribute to the Canadian tuxedo…thankfully. His style is much more classy: slicked back hair, sleeves and the graphic polo – then the addition of the mouthguard a few years later.

A Paris Fashion Week designer would say “avant-gardiste” if you ask them to describe his outfit.

Bianca Andreescu and Carson Branstine – 2017

It’s only been two years, and it looks like it’s been 10! The young Bianca Andreescu and Carson Branstine fully went with the twinning trend in their blue outfits, at the women’s doubles final

We’re not saying it helped them win the title, but they did become the champs in style.

Venus Williams – 2010

Venus seduced the French crowd in 2010, sporting a dress inspired by Moulin Rouge (or was it a tribute to the French cancan?). She took to the courts in a lace outfit with red and black ruffles, completed with skin coloured biker shorts.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands – 2018

We’re not strangers to American Bethanie Mattek-Sands’ eccentric looks, accented with knee high socks and neon head band included.

But it’s her 2018 fringed pink skirt at the French Open that is stuck in our heads: it’s like a 2002 throwback, but done wrong. Looks like a bad movie remake…The Texas Shredder Massacre anyone?

Genie Bouchard – 2017

Roland Garros might not have given us the best Genie outfits just yet, but she always makes sure to wear a Gram ready look at the Porte d’Auteuil.