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Vancouver Games Top 10 – #4

#4: Jon Montgomery wins Skeleton and chugs beer

The Olympics are filled with unforgettable moments. Stories of teamwork, sportsmanship and triumph flood the news and capture our attention. The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games were no different. From the opening ceremony to the golden goal, the home Olympics were filled with some amazing moments. As the 10th anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 games approaches, we will be reliving the top 10 moments of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics through our eyes. This is #4.

Jon Montgomery on his sled

Jon Montgomery (Vancouver 2010)

We think lugers are crazy. We think bobsledders are crazy. They think skeleton athletes are crazy.

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Flying down an icy chute at speeds close to 130 km/h. Head. First.

That’s just a normal day of training for Jon Montgomery.

Jon Montgomery (Vancouver 2010)

He regularly throws himself down this track, and competition day in Vancouver was no different.

He clocked in the second-best time in the first three heats of the competition, putting him within striking distance of Markus Dukurs and the gold medal.

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Beginning heat four, he clocked the fastest time on the track. Markus Dukurs of Latvia raced last and placed second.

Jon had done it. First place in skeleton in front of a home crowd of Canadians.

Jon Montgomery (Vancouver 2010)

And to celebrate?

Chugging a pitcher of beer handed to him by an excited fan from the crowd.

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The most Canadian way to celebrate a Canadian gold medal at a Winter Olympic Games on home soil.

Canada’s Jon Montgomery celebrates winning a gold medal in the men’s skeleton competition at the Whistler Sliding Centre at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games in Whistler, B.C., Friday, Feb. 19, 2010. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

It has been 10 years since Jon Montgomery celebrated his skeleton win. Moments like these make the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games something special. We want to continue to reminisce and remember this and other defining moments of Vancouver 2010.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved with the 10th anniversary celebrations in Vancouver!