RBC Training Ground 2022 FinalsHouse Of Common Studio/James Park
House Of Common Studio/James Park

Celebrating finalists from the 2022 RBC Training Ground program

On October 22, 100 young athletes aged 14-25 came together in Ottawa for the 2022 RBC Training Ground National Final. They had earned their places at this full day of athletic testing by virtue of their performances in qualifying events where high performance leaders from nine National Sport Organizations (NSOs) were keeping their eyes out for future Olympic talent.

Want to learn more about some of Canada’s brightest future Olympians? Check out the four-episode series sharing the stories behind these athletes’ journeys, who hope to earn funding and support as one of 30 RBC ‘Future Olympians’.

Meet Louis Groleau

Louis Groleau, 2022 RBC Training Ground Finalist

Louis Groleau is a 16-year-old gymnast from Sherbrooke, Quebec. He took a non-traditional path into sport, getting his start first jumping into ‘parkour’ at the age of 8, then making the transfer into gymnastics.

His high energy and love of tumbling led him to discover this new sport where he’s continued to succeed, but in true Louis fashion he wanted more. He tried out at an RBC Training Ground qualifier this spring and would have never imagined it would lead him to a whole new challenge – Freestyle Skiing.

Louis knows how to flip his body, which has leant itself nicely to the aerial discipline. His physical strength and mental focus in gymnastics have allowed him to show tremendous progress and there is no sign of him slowing down.

Louis is motivated to break into the Top 30 at the National Final, and with the help of RBC Training Ground, he is ready to unlock his full potential.

Meet Cory Anne Lapointe

Cory Lapointe, 2022 RBC Training Ground Finalist

A true multisport athlete, Cory Anne has been a force in every sport she’s ever played. Whether it’s dominating on the ice rink or fearlessly leading as a Soccer OCCA All- Star, Cory Anne is a natural talent.

After falling just short at the RBC Training Ground National Final last year, she’s back this year to leave her mark. Through the program, Cory Anne was scouted by Speed Skating Canada and is back to give the National Final another shot.

Meet Yasser Riad

Yasser Riad, 2022 RBC Training Ground Finalist

Yasser Riad is a 19-year-old track athlete from Gatineau, QC. Beginning his running career at the age of 15, he’s since taken off. He moved from Provincial to National level races quickly, and has turned the heads of coaches across Canada. His main event, the 800-metre, is where he holds a personal best of 1:50.46.

This past year he gave his all to qualify for the World Junior Championships, but just fell short of making it. Wanting to reach his full potential, Yasser tried out for RBC Training Ground and this summer he was invited by Rowing Canada to test his athletic skills in a new discipline.

Yasser wants to be the best version of himself, so if that means pursuing a new sport, he will give it his everything. But he’s more than an athlete – at 16, Yasser was accepted to the University of Ottawa for commerce. He is the youngest student admitted to the university and holds a 10.0/10.0 GPA. When Yasser sets his mind to a something, he can’t be stopped.

Meet Erica Rieder

Erica Rieder, 2022 RBC Training Ground Finalist

After playing hockey overseas in Sweden, Erica returned to Canada to try out for RBC Training Ground for one last shot at being discovered by an Olympic sport. Erica is no stranger to the program. She competed at the 2021 National Final and did it in style – breaking every record in her age group.

Her efforts are paying off and it shows, as she’s been identified by Cycling Canada. She’s since traded in her skates for a bike and recently reached the podium at her first Canadian Track Championships. She believes that with hard work and determination, she can achieve her dreams of the competing at the Olympic Games.

Future episodes will be made available on Mondays throughout the month of November.

The 30 RBC Future Olympians will be announced on Dec. 5 during the national broadcast on TSN following the coverage of Toronto Raptors game.