General Public

Canadians have proven to be very proud supporters of the Olympic Movement and the Canadian Olympic Team.

The following section explains how individuals can demonstrate their support for the Canadian Olympic Team and enthusiasm for the Olympic Movement in Canada, while still respecting the exclusive commercial use of the Olympic Brand and the valuable investments of COC sponsors, licensees and partners.

How can an individual show their support and get involved?

Individuals and non-commercial groups are encouraged to show their support for Canadian athletes and the Canadian Olympic Team and in doing so it is clearly acknowledged, expected and encouraged that informal use of the Olympic Brand in a non-commercial context may be undertaken. Use of the Olympic Brand in an informal and non-commercial manner by individuals or groups for the purpose of promoting Olympic values, sport, and healthy living is equally acknowledged, expected and encouraged.

We would also suggest and encourage you to consider support of and/or volunteering for local, provincial and/or National Sport Federations all of whom play a vital role in inspiring, developing and preparing our Canadian athletes for success on the international stage.

Monetary contributions to Canadian athletes can be made to the Canadian Olympic Foundation. Information about current programs can be found at

The COC will continue to announce initiatives that enable individuals to get directly involved with the Olympic Movement in Canada. For further information we suggest you monitor the COC website regularly or follow the Canadian Olympic Team on Facebook (Canadian Olympic Team) or Twitter (@CDNOlympicTeam).

Individuals can also support the COC and Canadian Olympic Athletes by not engaging in the unauthorized use of the Olympic Brand for commercial gain, by not supporting businesses that attempt to create an unauthorized commercial association with the Olympic Brand, by not purchasing counterfeit Olympic merchandise, and by not purchasing Olympic Games tickets and/or hospitality packages from unauthorized sources.

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