Backgrounder: CSIN Partnership

The Partnership

The purpose of this new agreement is to advance the mutually beneficial partnership of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), the Canadian Olympic Foundation (COF) and the Canadian Sport Institute Network (CSIN), whose 7 members include:

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific; Canadian Sport Institute Calgary; Canadian Sport Institute Ontario; Institut national du sport du Québec; Canadian Sport Centre Saskatchewan; Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba; and Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic.

The aim is to establish terms of collaboration with the objective of strengthening Canada’s high performance sport system through a shared vision, areas of collaboration and new funding.

1) Shared Vision

The COC, COF and CSIN share a commitment to supporting excellence in sport and the parties see significant value in establishing terms of collaboration to further this common goal. The parties also share a commitment to combatting doping in sport and achieving a clean sport environment for Canadian athletes.

For their part, the COC and COF recognize that a closer association with the CSIN represents a critical partnership opportunity. One of the COC and COF’s key objectives is to win more Olympic medals, and winning medals involves relying on partners in the sport system to develop athletes and coaches which in turn increase the pool of potential medallists. The CSIN, through its provision of world-class facilities, services and programs, is a key contributor to the success of Canada’s high performance athletes in national, international and Olympic/Paralympic competition.

In an effort to improve awareness of the critical role that the CSIN plays in preparing Canadian athletes, coaches and Integrated Support Team (IST) members for participation in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and Pan/Parapan American Games, the COC and CPC will extend the use of designated Olympic and Paralympic marks to the CSIN to be called the “Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network.”

2) Funding for the CSIN

The COC and COF will provide direct funding to the CSIN in the total amount of $3,000,000 over the term of 2014 to 2016 to enhance and assist the CSIN in its mandate of delivering world-class facilities, services and programs to Canadian Olympians and aspiring Olympians. The COC and COF recognize that high performance sport is highly competitive and that the CSIN requires additional funding moving forward to ensure that Canada remains a world leader in high performance sport. The parties also recognize that the CSIN is pursuing funding strategies with other partners in order to achieve its mandate.

The COC and COF recognize and respect the expertise of the CSIN in providing high performance services and programs to athletes, coaches and IST members. The purpose of the COC and COF funding is used to hire staff and supplement current practices by the CSIN in the areas of physical training, performance services enhancement and partnership servicing.

3) Areas of Collaboration

In the spirit of partnership, the COC, COF and CSIN agree to collaborate in the following ways:

a) Brand Alignment – The COC will extend the use of a designated mark to the CSI Network to improve awareness of the critical role that the CSIN plays in preparing Canadian athletes for the Olympic Games;

b) Leadership – The COC agrees to work in partnership with the CSIN, when appropriate, to identify potential additional support for the CSIwithin the private and public sector;

c) Special Projects – The COC and COF may, in their sole discretion, develop additional programs or funding priorities in collaboration with the CSIN in other areas including, but not limited to, the following projects:

Game Plan – The COC has granted licensing rights to the trade-mark “Game Plan” to the CSI Network for use in association with the Game Plan program. In addition, the COC, in collaboration with the CSIN, will continue to assist potential corporate partners in their provision of services and support to CSIN and the Game Plan program. The parties recognize that the funding priorities outlined in this Agreement do not include an allocation for the Game Plan program and that the specific terms of the COC’s collaboration with the CSIN with respect to the Game Plan program are beyond the scope of this Agreement;

Athlete Development – The COC and COF may, in their sole discretion, commit additional funding to CSIN programs targeted towards athlete development including, but not limited to, the IGNITE Athlete Development Program. The parties acknowledge that the specific terms of any such collaboration are beyond the scope of this Agreement;

International Partnerships – The COC may, in its sole discretion, collaborate with the CSIN to develop international partnerships (i.e. partnerships with other NOCs);

At-Games Presence – The COC may, in its sole discretion, facilitate an at-Games presence for the CSIN (i.e. preferred access, Mission Team involvement, equipment purchase, etc.);

Local Sponsor Activation – The COC may, in its sole discretion, collaborate with the CSIN to develop local sponsor activations; and

COC Events – The CSIN will make commercially reasonable efforts to assist and collaborate on local projects and initiatives as identified by the COC.

About the Canadian Olympic Committee:

The Canadian Olympic Committee leads the achievement of the Canadian Olympic Team’s podium success and advances Olympic values in Canada. Independent and predominantly privately funded, the Canadian Olympic Committee delivers resources that Canada’s elite athletes need to perform at their best and give their everything every day. The backbone of Canada’s Olympic movement, the Canadian Olympic Committee works with National Sport Federations to prepare the Team for the Olympic, Youth Olympic and Pan American Games. By sharing our athletes’ stories, we inspire all Canadians through the power of sport: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

About The Canadian Olympic Foundation:

To generate support to meet the technical, scientific, medical and coaching needs of Canada’s high performance sport system and assist Canada’s athletes in becoming ambassadors for sport, healthy living and the pursuit of excellence across the nation. To inspire Canadians, athletes and other stakeholders to achieve the ultimate podium success at the Olympic Games for Canada and, as a result, create an elevated sense of pride and unity among all Canadians.

About The Canadian Paralympic Committee:

The Canadian Paralympic Committee is a non-profit, private organization with 25 member sports organizations dedicated to strengthening the Paralympic Movement. The Canadian Paralympic Committee’s vision is to be the world’s leading Paralympic nation. Its mission is to lead the development of a sustainable Paralympic sport system in Canada to enable athletes to reach the podium at the Paralympic Games. By supporting Canadian high performance athletes with a disability and promoting their success, the Canadian Paralympic Committee inspires all Canadians with a disability to get involved in sport through programs delivered by its member organizations.

About The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network:

To provide a world-class, multi-sport daily training environment for athletes and coaches through expert leadership, services and programs. The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network have venues across Canada, including: Montreal, Ontario, Calgary, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Atlantic Canada and Pacific.

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