COC and CPC encourage Calgarians to vote Tuesday for Calgary 2026

TORONTO & OTTAWA (November 12, 2018) – The Canadian Olympic Committee and the Canadian Paralympic Committee encourage the citizens of Calgary to vote on Tuesday November 13 and contribute to their city and legacy.

The Calgary 2026 Bid Corporation has put together a strong yet responsible bid that would serve the city, province, and country well, while upholding the highest standards of the Games. We are grateful for their work and for the support from all three levels of government.

Calgary 2026 offers the opportunity to welcome the world, with the return of the Olympic Winter Games to the city and hosting the Paralympic Games for the first time. The Winter Games would showcase the best of Canada to the world, bringing the country together in a wave of solidarity, belief, and fair play as we celebrate what we stand for as a nation and a people.

The 1988 Olympic Winter Games transformed Calgary and left a legacy that is still bearing fruit 30 years later. The Winter Games inspired the next generation of athletes, imbued a sense of pride in the community, and contributed to the identity of the city of Calgary. It propelled Canada to become a leading winter sport nation as exhibited in Team Canada’s record-breaking medal performances at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Sport has the power to change lives. Sport can provide a sense of belonging and purpose, sport promotes perseverance, dedication, and sportsmanship, sport helps level the playing field, sport can bring someone back from a life-altering injury, sport can unite, inspire, and excite a community.

The Olympic and Paralympic Movements believe in building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practiced without discrimination, and showcase the best of the human spirit.

The Games offer the opportunity to positively impact the lives of Canadians, providing greater accessibility for all to sport, promoting an inclusive and welcoming environment, and inspiring more people to be active.

The COC and CPC ask Calgarians to think about how the Olympic and Paralympic Games could shape their community for the better and to share their voice on November 13. A vote for Calgary 2026 is a vote for renewed legacies for generations to come.




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