Day 2: Team Canada Results at Rio 2016

Sunday, August 7, 2016 — RIO DE JANEIRO — Day 2 competition has come to an end. Please find end of day results, quotes and other resources below.


Updated: 1:05 a.m. BRT


Note: Ranking based on total medals. Click here for overall medal standings.



Updated: 1:06 a.m. BRT

Canoe/Kayak SlalomCam SmedleyC-1Heats, Run 112
Canoe/Kayak SlalomCam SmedleyC-1Heats, Run 213 (Final Rank: 15)
Canoe/Kayak SlalomMichael TaylerK-1Heats, Run 119
Canoe/Kayak SlalomMichael TaylerK-1Heats, Run 212 (Final Rank: 16)
Cycling – RoadKarol-Ann CanuelRoad RaceFinal25
Cycling – RoadLeah KirchmannRoad RaceFinal26
Cycling – RoadTara WhittenRoad RaceFinalDNF
DivingJennifer Abel / Pamela Ware3 m SynchroFinal4
Equestrian – EventingRebecca Howard (Riddle Master)IndividualDressage Day 241
Equestrian – EventingColleen Loach (Qorry Blue D’argouges)IndividualDressage Day 257
Equestrian – EventingJessica Phoenix (A Little Romance)IndividualDressage Day 250
Equestrian – EventingKathryn Robinson (Let It Bee)IndividualDressage Day 241
Equestrian – EventingCanadaTeamDressage Day 212
FencingMaximilien Van HaasterIndividual FoilRound of 64W 15-7
FencingMaximilien Van HaasterIndividual FoilRound of 32L 15-4
Gymnastics – ArtisticCanadaTeamQualification9
Gymnastics – ArtisticBrittany RogersBeamQualification45
Gymnastics – ArtisticEllie BlackBeamQualification44
Gymnastics – ArtisticIsabela OnyshkoBeamQualification10
Gymnastics – ArtisticRose-Kaying WooBeamQualification55
Gymnastics – ArtisticEllie BlackFloor ExerciseQualification15
Gymnastics – ArtisticIsabela OnyshkoFloor ExerciseQualification22
Gymnastics – ArtisticRose-Kayak WooFloor ExerciseQualification38
Gymnastics – ArtisticShallon OlsenFloor ExerciseQualification26
Gymnastics – ArtisticIsabela OnyshkoIndividual All-AroundQualification10
Gymnastics – ArtisticEllie BlackIndividual All-AroundQualification13
Gymnastics – ArtisticBrittany RogersUneven BarsQualification36
Gymnastics – ArtisticEllie BlackUneven BarsQualification31
Gymnastics – ArtisticIsabela OnyshkoUneven BarsQualification23
Gymnastics – ArtisticRose-Kaying WooUneven BarsQualification52
Gymnastics – ArtisticBrittany RogersVaultQualification9
Gymnastics – ArtisticEllie BlackVaultQualification14
Gymnastics – ArtisticShallon OlsenVaultQualification6
JudoAntoine Bouchard66kgRound of 64W
JudoAntoine Bouchard66kgRound of 32W
JudoAntoine Bouchard66kgRound of 16W
JudoAntoine Bouchard66kgQuarterfinalL
JudoAntoine Bouchard66kgRepechageW
JudoAntoine Bouchard66kgBronze Medal MatchL (Final Rank: T-5)
JudoEcaterina Guica52kgRound of 16L (Final Rank: 9)
RowingCanadaMen’s Lightweight FourHeats, Heat 1CANCELLED
RowingJennifer Martins / Nicole HareWomen’s PairHeats, Heat 1CANCELLED
RowingLindsay Jennerich / Patricia ObeeWomen’s Lightweight Double ScullsHeats, Heat 4CANCELLED
RowingCanadaMen’s FourHeats, Heat 2CANCELLED
Rugby SevensCanadaTeamGroup Stage, Pool CL 0-22
Rugby SevensCanadaTeamQuarterfinalW 15-5
ShootingLynda Kiejko10m Air PistolQualification38
ShootingCynthia MeyerTrapQualification7
SwimmingDominique Bouchard100m BackstrokeHeats, Heat 34
SwimmingDominique Bouchard100m BackstrokeSemifinals6 (Final Rank: 12)
SwimmingKylie Masse100m BackstrokeHeats, Heat 52
SwimmingKylie Masse100m BackstrokeSemifinals4
SwimmingKierra Smith100m BreaststrokeHeats, Heat 47 (Final Rank: 19)
SwimmingRachel Nicol100m BreaststrokeHeats, Heat 54
SwimmingRachel Nicol100m BreaststrokeSemifinals6
SwimmingJavier Acevedo100m BackstrokeHeats, Heat 46 (Final Rank: 17)
SwimmingEmily Overholt400m FreestyleHeats, Heat 27 (Final Rank: 25)
SwimmingBrittany MacLean400m FreestyleHeats, Heat 33
SwimmingBrittany MacLean400m FreestyleFinal5
SwimmingCanadaMen’s 4x100m Freestyle RelayHeats, Heat 12
SwimmingCanadaMen’s 4x100m Freestyle RelayFinal7
SwimmingPenny Oleksiak100m ButterflyFinalSILVER
Table TennisEugene WangSinglesRound 2W 4-0
TennisDaniel Nestor / Vasek PospisilDoublesRound 1W 2-1
TennisEugenie Bouchard / Gaby DabrowskiDoublesRound 1W 2-1
Beach VolleyballHeather Bansley / Sarah PavanWomenPreliminary Round, Pool EW 2-0
Beach VolleyballJamie Broder / Kristina ValjasWomenPreliminary Round, Pool DW 2-1
Beach VolleyballBen Saxton / Chaim SchalkMenPreliminary Round, Pool DL 1-2
VolleyballCanadaMenPreliminary Round, GroupAW 3-0



Note: Flash quotes to be updated as they become available.

Kristina VALJAS 

On GIOMBINI (ITA) joining the Italian team late:

It kind of threw a wrench in our whole system of planning, but honestly, we didn’t really know how to plan for our first Olympic match since we’ve never played one before.”

On top of that, having an opponent we really didn’t know just made us reiterate the fact that we had to take care of the ball on our side of the court. If we play like we know we can, we can beat anybody.

On what the team discussed going into the second set after losing the first:

We kind of said to each other that we knew the job that we had to do, and to just keep it simple. In defence, Jamie (BRODER) had her job, I had mine. I got some blocks, she got some digs, that’s what we did.

Getting our serves in was a key thing, we missed so many in the first set. I think that’s our game and we did a really good job of that.

On the atmosphere in the arena:

Like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life, and having so many fans cheering for Canada was an unbelievably surreal experience. I’m so proud to be Canadian. I think it gave us the extra push in the third set to win.

Elsabeth BLACK 

On the team missing the final by one place:

It’s disappointing.That was our main goal coming here to make that team final.

We did go out there. We put it out there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the day for us. We had a couple of mistakes. It was close so that is a little bit disappointing. We’re still standing tall.

It’s gymnastics. Sometimes there’s mistakes, sometimes there’s falls You just have to pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

On competing in the all-around final along with teammate Isabela ONYSHKO:

That’s very exciting for me to be going to the all-around here and a great accomplishment as well for me.”

To have two Canadian athletes in the all-around final, me and Isabela. So, we’re really looking forward to that and getting that first experience out there with the best in the world.

Shallon OLSON 

On narrowly missing out on the team final with the Canadian team:

I am a little disappointed that we didn´t make the team final. It was nerve-racking, but we had to pick ourselves up. I was a little bit shocked and disappointed whenBrittany ROGERS (CAN) fell off bars. But we kind of helped her afterwards to calm down. I am disappointed, but I am also happy about how I did individually.

On her vault (she qualified for the vault apparatus final):

It´s a new upgrade for me. I used to do a Yurchenko with double twist and now I have added another half turn. That´s a blind landing. You really don´t know where you are in the air. So when I landed it I just felt huge relief and excitement. It is amazing.

On being the first Canadian to do an Amanar (Yurchenko with two-and-a-half twists):

It is the greatest feeling in the world, showing the world that Canada is here, watch out. My goal is to hopefully get a medal on vault.


On winning silver and breaking her own junior world record in the Olympic final as a 16 year old:

It is super amazing. I still have a few more years left as a junior, taking that time down is going to be fun.

On her future in the sport:

It’s inspiring to see athletes older than me still competing, I look up to Audrey LACROIX,  she is 32 and still competing. I have a few years left. I can’t say what is next but I will always race my hardest.

On the support of her school friends:

I’ve already talked to some of them, They’ve got my back. They look out for me. Last night they were already talking about my race tonight.


On the Brazilian crowd supporting Canada:

It’s amazing to have the support of a country like this. We had a lot of family and friends out there too. It all helped us.

On this being the first time Canada has been in the Olympic volleyball tournament since 1992:

Glenn () our coach had a profound plan. That’s coming to fruition now. We have lot of guys in high-level professional leagues. It’s a very core group and we have been able to grow together.

On the impact of this win:

It gives us great confidence. We are playing World League group two, not against the teams that are in this pool. We have had a lot of success but you never really know. You come to the Olympics you are not really sure where that’s going to line up.

On Canada’s celebration at the end of the match:

It meant a lot to us. Four of the teams in our pool are top teams so we knew it was going to be a real difficult battle but we went out there and we fought.

On how he feels:

Well I’ve never played in the Olympics before and we were playing one of the best teams in the world so I am a little bit happy.

John Gordon PERRIN 

On the impact of the win:

“It’s a good, emotional win. We’ve been over shadowed by USA for a long time. They are one of the top in the world, it’s a difficult pool, yes, it’s amazing.”

On qualifying from the pool:

We came here thinking ‘Just get out of the first Pool’. I believe this team can get enough points to achieve that goal.

On not building on this win:

It would take the gloss off this win if we didn’t do that. Our goal wasn’t to come here and beat USA and then fall out. We have to enjoy this win for a little bit then get ready for (the game against) Brazil.


On beating the USA:

You never expect a victory quite like that.

On it being his best moment:

It’s certainly right up there. It would be tough to compare beating the USA in my first Olympic Games with anything.

On expectations before the game:

Do we expect to take the United States three zero? No.

On the men’s tournament being very open:

France won the World League last year, Russians the defending champions, Polandthe world champions, Brazil are playing at home. It’s anybody’s.

Jennifer ABEL

On finishing in fourth place:

We knew that it was possible, but unfortunately I missed my last dive so that’s what cost us our bronze medal today.”

I don’t think it’s something that went wrong. It just wasn’t our day. It’s stressful to start the competition straight with the final and unfortunately we missed the podium by less than one point.

On making a mistake on the final dive:

You know when you missed a dive and you know when it’s going to be pretty much tied in the score. So I kind of knew that it was probably over but at the same time you always wish that you can get that half a point that would make the difference.

On whether they felt under extra pressure with Canada having a history of winning Olympic medals in this event:

I don’t think it put extra pressure (on us). We knew that we were able, that we belonged on that podium but today just wasn’t our day.

On how Rio 2016 compared with her London 2012 experience when she won bronze in the event:

Every Olympic Games is different and this time I’m beside Pam so it’s completely different. It doesn’t hurt because I was there four years ago and not this time. We are still fourth at the Olympic Games and I don’t think that it’s something we shouldn’t be proud of. How many people are there who can say that we were fourth at the Olympic Games?

On why she was smiling as she emerged from the pool after their first dive:

Actually after the first dive Jennifer said to me, ‘You are now an Olympian’ and I was like just, ‘ just stop’. It made me feel good. I felt really good next to her, confident. I’m really proud of how we did even though we didn’t get the medal. We have four more years to work up to another medal so I’m really excited for that.

On ABEL apologising to her after making a mistake in the final dive:

She did, but she shouldn’t have because we are a team and we are working together. She’s not the only one that missed a little bit. I did too as well, so I’m still proud of her.

On the result:

It’s not only the competition that counts. it’s the four years build-up to it and the work we’ve put in as well. We did all the work we needed to do to be here.


On emotions after their first match of the Olympic Games:

I mean, it feels good to get a win. It was our first match and we had a lot of nerves and a lot of excitement, so it feels good to get that under our belt and get that experience.

To come out with a win is exactly what we wanted, and you know we will know what it’s like heading into our next matches.

On having a day off before the team’s first match:

For us it meant that we were able to march in the opening ceremonies and that was an incredible experience. I’m really happy that we did that and had the opportunity.

On the spread out competition schedule:

It’s a different competition schedule than we’re used to, we have tomorrow off and then we play the next day. It’s just going to be managing that time, but we use it to practise, watch video and prepare for our next match.


On the spread out competition schedule:

Playing the second day is kind of nice, but it kind of sucks because the anticipation just builds and builds and builds. That’s why we came yesterday, just to see what the atmosphere was like during a game.

It’s just a lot of time for preparation. I love to read books so I do that to rest my mind a little bit, but I love to be prepared and I love details. So, for me, I like having time to really nail down a game plan and know exactly what we’re doing.

Jennifer KISH

On the defeat:

“Of course I am disappointed. We are better than that. We didn’t play. We gave them the ball and they make you pay for it. They are an organised and well disciplined team.

On a quarterfinal clash with France later on Sunday:

Our next game is against France, who is also well organised. We have to bring our A game. Every mistake you make could put you out of the semis. It is a learning curve.

We had Great Britain expose us. It is better now than later. We are still in the quarterfinals. That is the game that matters.



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