Hush supports Canadian Olympic Athletes at Paris 2024

Provides Canadian Olympic athletes with Performance Iced Sheets Bedding

TORONTO (July 4, 2024)  – Hush, a leading sleep brand, is proud to announce its support of Team Canada this summer. Staying true to its mission of helping people reclaim restful sleep, Hush is providing their cooling Iced Sheets to every Team Canada Olympic athlete at Paris 2024.

Proud of its Canadian roots, this demonstration of support for Team Canada underscores the brand’s commitment to supporting Canadian athletes as they strive for excellence on the global stage. Hush’s Iced Sheets are designed with advanced cooling technology to improve sleep and thereby enhance recovery. Made from 100% sustainably sourced Viscose-Bamboo, the sheets will help ensure all Team Canada gets the best rest and perform at their peak during the Games.

“Hush is thrilled to provide one of our top products to Team Canada and support our incredible athletes as they represent our country globally,” said Phil Besner, President of Hush. “This is a moment of immense pride for us, and we are proud to do our part in contributing to their success and well-being by helping our athletes get the rest they need before their competition. As part of our ethos, we believe that quality sleep is essential for peak performance, and we are committed to helping our athletes achieve their best during the games.”  

“We are excited to be able to offer Team Canada athletes these products from Hush, an incredible Canadian brand that shares our focus and our values,” said Jacqueline Ryan, Chief Brand and Commercial Officer of the Canadian Olympic Committee and CEO of the Canadian Olympic Foundation. “Our mission is to create an environment for Team Canada athletes to perform their best in Paris, and these sheets will help create a strong performance environment.”

About Hush

Hush is a Canadian-based sleep and wellness brand that was started in 2018. Hush started with a weighted — blanket now considered to be Canada’s Most Popular (and reviewed) — designed to help those with sleep, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, and more. Since the beginning, Hush has been committed to giving back by donating 1 product for every 6 sold. The company has since expanded their product line to include mattresses and sleep accessories, furthering its mission of helping Canadians achieve a better night’s rest with modern and contemporary solutions to real sleep problems.


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