Message from Tricia Smith – President Canadian Olympic Committee

The Canadian Olympic Committee applauds the Federal government, Province of Alberta, and City of Calgary for reaching an agreement to financially support Calgary’s 2026 bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. We also congratulate Calgary City Council on their vote to continue the bid process. These powerful demonstrations of support are crucial to the success of Canada’s potential bid to host the 2026 Games. The Olympic family of Canada salutes these decisions which show once again the value of Olympic sport In the life of our country.

The Olympic Movement strives to build a better world by educating youth while promoting fair sport, practiced without discrimination. The 1988 Games lifted us up and inspired a future generation of Olympians who competed for our country in PyeongChang this last February, bringing back the most medals in Canadian Winter Olympic history. The Vancouver 2010 Games drew our nation together, from coast to coast to coast, in a celebration of peace, friendship, and solidarity. Olympic values are Canadian values. They inspire the best in all of us.

When we host the world, we show who we are and present the best of Canada. Calgarians now have the chance to showcase who we will be in 2026. We cheer Calgarians on as they prepare to vote on this historic initiative.

A home Games will, as we have witnessed before, inspire a new generation of Olympians, boys and girls with big dreams, and once again they will unite the country. The Games shine a bright light on Canadian industry, new opportunities, our creativity, talent, culture, traditions, our national spirit and of course our determination to succeed.

The benefits of hosting the 1988 Olympic Winter Games have continued to be felt, their legacies a testament to the courage and drive of Calgarians. To this day, Calgary, Canmore, Alberta, and all of Canada are richer for that legacy. Yesterday’s announcement declares that we are once again ready to welcome the world and begin a new chapter in Calgary’s illustrious sporting and cultural history.

The International Olympic Committee has put in place changes and innovation to dramatically reduce the costs associated with hosting the Winter Games. The Calgary 2026 Bid Corporation has from the start, worked tirelessly to limit and control those costs. The Canadian Olympic Committee endorses their responsible efforts and believes this bid now has winning ingredients in place to take on the world.

The COC looks forward to working with Calgary and all levels of government in supporting the efforts of Calgary 2026 as it moves the bid process forward. Well done Calgary and thank you!

 Tricia Smith, President, Canadian Olympic Committee



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