Image of three classroom resources that look like passports with pictograms and a stamp that says Destination Tokyo

Team Canada launches school resources ahead of World Teachers’ Day

TORONTO (October 4, 2019) – In its continued commitment to inspire students through Olympic values, the Canadian Olympic School Program launched ‘Destination Tokyo,’ free classroom resources for the 2019-20 school year

The Destination Tokyo classroom pack includes three resources that have been adapted to three different reading levels, allowing students from elementary school and high school to join the Olympic Movement. The resources will give students the opportunity to join Team Canada athletes on a journey to Japan and embark on new Olympic adventures. These free bilingual resources, created by teachers include an article, discussion questions and learning activities that can be done individually or as group-work. 

Annamay Oldershaw, a Beijing 2008 Olympian and public school teacher, says the resources can be directly applied to today’s school curriculum.

“Destination Tokyo has a number of connections to the curriculum in an every day real world application that teachers can incorporate into their lesson planning,” said Oldershaw. “Not only can it get a community excited about the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and Team Canada athletes, but it is covering major hot topics surrounding the Olympic Games. It is a great way to open discussions surrounding these topics, and allow students to expand their knowledge using unique and engaging activities.”

The themes embraced throughout ‘Destination Tokyo’ are Olympic Design, where students have the opportunity to design the look and feel of the Olympic Games, Live from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where students will have the opportunity to practice broadcasting various sporting events and interview athletes and The Greenest Olympic Games, where students will learn about the environmentally sustainable initiatives that will be in place at Tokyo 2020 and learn how certain initiatives can be applied at their school.

In over 30 years since its launch, the Canadian Olympic School Program has been used in thousands of classrooms nationwide. With resources developed by teachers, for teachers, the program encourages physical activity and healthy lifestyle, helps to promote safer and more inclusive sport environments, and inspires the application of Olympic values.

Oldershaw was named Team Canada’s Chef de Mission for the Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020 in June. The aim of the Games is to encourage young people to adopt and represent the positive values of sport.

“The values of the Olympic Games excellence, respect and friendship are qualities that students can live by in everyday life,” added Oldershaw. “You don’t need to be an athlete to live by these values. They should be what we strive for each and every day, doing our best, respecting those around us, and building up our communities with kindness and friendship.”



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