Sabrina Aubin

Sabrina Aubin earned her way onto the national team six years ago after undergoing surgical reconstruction of her labrum, which led to people telling her she would never box again.

Irène Fiolek

Irène Fiolek joined a boxing class at her local fitness centre at the age of 15 with some friends from school, discovering her passion for the sport

Myriam Da Silva Rondeau

Myriam Da Silva Rondeau underwent two surgeries to her right hand in 2015 and 2016, but came back to win the national title in 2018 and finish a career-high top-eight at the world championships

Tammara Thibeault

Tammara Thibeault took up boxing at age 9 because her father and brother were attending a class for fun

Bryan Colwell

Bryan Colwell Won the 2016 BC Golden Gloves and Oregon State Golden Gloves, becoming one of the few boxers ever to win multiple Golden Gloves tournaments in the same calendar year