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Launched in December 2013, Strive is all about our donors – to celebrate your generous contributions and to share with you the valuable work that your money is doing for Canadian Olympians and Olympic hopefuls. We invite you to browse through and enjoy each issue.

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Latest Stories

STRIVE: Vancouver Games Top 10 – #10

May 31, 2019

STRIVE: Vancouver Games Top 10 – #10

#10 Charles Hamelin 500 m gold The Olympics are filled with unforgettable moments. Stories of teamwork, sportsmanship and triumph flood the news and capture our…

STRIVE: #TogethertoTokyo 2020

April 30, 2019

STRIVE: #TogethertoTokyo 2020

Tokyo may seem far away both in distance and in time, but it’s in the forefront for our Olympic Games athletes. This year the Games…

STRIVE: Countdown to Lima

April 29, 2019

STRIVE: Countdown to Lima

As the anticipation builds towards Tokyo 2020, we‘re lucky enough to get a glimpse into what the Americas have to offer when it comes to…

STRIVE: Vancouver 2010 – 10 years

April 29, 2019

STRIVE: Vancouver 2010 – 10 years

The pride of Vancouver 2010 still lives within all of us. It feels like yesterday we were learning the stories of our young athletes who…